Here is what we believe about singing...

“Those who wish to sing always find a song.”
— Swedish Proverb


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Vocal Lessons

My style of teaching is tailor-made for each individual student. I teach all levels of singers from beginners to professionals and every student of mine receives a personalized lesson and approach to his or her development.

Singing is not a science; it is a highly personal combination of technique and musicality; the physical and the emotional. As a professional singer, I understand the demands of combining my emotional and musical instincts with a well-founded technique, and I help each of my students strike that balance. 



Some of the things we work on:

  • Focusing and gathering your sound so it is as efficient and resonant as possible with the least amount of work being done by your muscles.

  • Finding where your tension lies and releasing it to produce a more relaxed, effortless sound.

  • Making singing feel good; no, GREAT!

  • Exercising to maximize your time while vocalizing and getting you warmed up quicker.

  • Using the words in your songs to help "pop" your sound without doing any extra work.

  • Establishing maintenance and "survival techniques" for singing professionally, on an 8-show-a-week schedule.

  • Building your repertoire list.

  • Performing the song: the final product!